Wet Line Stations

Simple Yet Flexible

The Wet Cast line is modular and versatile, made up of independent production lines combined with distinct equipment (stations) enabling you to:
  • Select the stations you require and customize your production lines based on your current needs while also keeping future productivity in mind
  • Maximize the output of each line independently of the others and provide for partial function of your facility in the event of a breakdown or shortage of a raw material; for example, your demolding line can continue even if your pouring line is shut down
  • Configure flexible layout based on facility requirements and target production flow
  • Consider fast, customized expansion at low cost of a semi-automatic line to achieve complete automation
Our stations can be customized by our industrialization team to make them compatible to your existing production lines!
The customized adaptation of our Wet Cast line for your facility makes your production streamlined, flexible and, above all, versatile in relation to your various products while also minimizing your configuration time and costs.
Available in a variety of standard configurations, Automacad Concrete will also customize our products to fit your specific Wet Cast projects. Please visit our main website in order to learn more about Wet Cast Manufacturing (www.automacad.com)

Demolding Spray Applicator
Wet Cast demolding agent spray applicator This innovative design makes easy work of demolding agent application.

Our airless stainless-steel, independently swiveling nozzles have adjustable flow control to ensure optimal coverage of the spray agent on any type of mold.

This step could also be completely automated by our new application robot.
Automatic and Self-Regulating Filler Station
Wet Cast dosing feed system We are pleased to produce this one-of-a-kind, self-regulating filler that fills molds with the exact concrete dosage by volume regardless of changes in cavity depth.

This easy-to-clean filler ensures a more flexible and continuous production flow by minimizing set-up time for multiple mold thicknesses and supports intermixing of special molds such as for columns or steps.

Our filler, the most reliable and easiest to operate in the industry, can be completely automated by adding bar codes to your various mold patterns.
Doucle-Deck Vibrating Table
Wet Cast vibrating table This bi-level table is designed to maximize mold vibration while preserving the integrity of the table frame.

The variable frequency drive can be preprogrammed from the control panel to suit requirements for any concrete recipe.
Color Applicator Robot

Wet Cast color applicator system At Automacad Concrete, we are aware that color application is a crucial step for any company in ensuring that its products stand out amid the competition, this is why we have developed a versatile system to meet any production requirement.

This new robot supports infinite possibilities in terms of color and design. Color rendition on your blocks will appear more natural than ever!

More details here. (PDF)