Automacad Concrete offers products in a variety of standard configurations or can customize any product to fit your specific dry cast project.
Dry Cast Cuber machine Our automated centering system provides a robust structure, requires no maintenance and offers the best service life record in the industry!

With its soft-touch jaw, the cuber manipulates concrete blocks without leaving marks. Quick snaps on the jaw enable fast turnaround, and anti-abrasive bushing makes the handling process smooth, easy and quick.

Electrically and hydraulically powered, the cuber can handle blocks of nearly any design, size or height, carrying them safely and easily from the conveyor to the wrapping pallet.
Walking conveyor
Dry Cast walking conveyor Built purposely for transporting heavy loads, the Walking Conveyor from Automacad Concrete utilises an ingenious 2 stages linear motion and state of the art controls to set a new standard in speed and product stability. As well as being the fastest and most stable way to transport concrete products, the Walking Conveyor will keep your personnel in a safe working environment. Its smooth and secure surface is perfect for operator inspection or value added operations. It is the ideal surface for complex transportation requirements.

In addition to providing a safe method for transporting concrete blocks, the smooth, solid surface of Automacad Concrete's walking conveyor enables product transfers from a linear to a lateral flow toward another production line.
Chain conveyor
Dry Cast convoyeur à chaines Cost-effective and fast, our chain conveyor has the capacity to carry any light or heavy load. Its highly rugged construction makes it nearly maintenance-free.
Slat conveyor
Dry Cast Slat conveyor Besides offering a flat, rigid, anti-wear surface, the slat conveyor provides a work area extending across its entire width for workers to perform various activities and move products into predetermined positions.
Sliding plate
Dry Cast Sliding plate Make the most of conventional production methods with the sliding plate from Automacad Concrete. The unit requires no programming and is easy to maintain: changing the hardox 500 plate take only minutes with a forklift.
Turn Table
Dry Cast Turn Table Automacad Concrete's Turn Table is ideal for positioning concrete blocks precisely before stacking.