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April 2009
Working with the best
With the popularity of the Split-Impact machine rapidly growing, Louis Hébert, President/Owner of Automacad, and his team of engineers decided it was time to reduce the number of cables in the field and improve the networking technology on their machine. The company also wanted to reduce installation time and panel build complexity.

Automacad looked to imf efector North America for their expertise in providing networking solutions for actuators and sensors. ifm offers the Actuator-Sensor interface (AS-i) bus system for networking I/O points and reducing wiring complexity.

January 2009
Color-I: ready to flood the market !
Having the right color is not enough; try combining it with the industry`s very best applicator. Wet Cast producers can now optimize the automation of one of the most technical steps in the search of the perfect color finish by using COLOR-I. This user friendly color applicator robot will enable you to obtain the right blend of several color shades in seconds to get a matchless natural finish. It immensely exceeds the mixer-coloring process .

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October 2009
Working on the most automated wet cast plant
To keep pace with the growing demands of Wet Cast masonry, a well-known concrete manufacturer has decided to move on and build the most advanced and versatile Wet Cast plant ever built.

We will keep you informed.
July 2009
Automacad Concrete delivers yet another machine !
Automacad Concrete delivers another machine !
In designing and manufacturing this revolutionary demolding line for an all new type of Wet Cast blocks, Automacad Concrete helps clients position themselves at the forefront of the latest technologies available on the market.

This all new rugged machine was specifically designed for high volume blocks. simply set the plate for demolding and once complete its ready for stacking.
June 2008
Automacad Concrete shines on the Web!
Automacad Concrete new web site
keeping up with the latest industry standards, our website now offers a complete overview of all our innovative automation solutions. Stay connected and get all the information you need anytime, anywhere and within just a few clicks!

Enjoy the website!
November 2007
NCMA membership
National Concrete Masonry Association logo
The National Concrete Masonry Association (NCMA) has been representing major players in the concrete masonry industry since 1918. Automacad Concrete is an active member of the NCMA as an innovative designer of concrete solutions among manufacturers and suppliers of related products and services.
October 2007
CPI Article and new ad
Reducing product manipulation on retainning walls and rock face products with the Split-Impact®
To promote the Split-Impact® and what it can do for producers of concrete blocks as well as landscape, masonry and paving stones, Automacad Concrete published an advertisement accompanied by an article in the October issue of Concrete Plant International magazine!

In the article we explored the many benefits that Techo-Bloc Corp, the first company to benefit from the Split-Impact® technology, has reaped from using this machine.

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