Handling Stations

Low Maintenance

The simplicity of our designs helps to keep your maintenance time to a minimum. We achieve this by:
  • Using only high-end components;
  • Making all key parts out of Hardox 500 steel for high abrasion resistance;
  • Anodizing or plating all machined hardware. Structural parts are powder coated.
With our experience in concrete machinery repair, maintenance, design and production, we have developed equipment that is simple, durable and dependable with a focus on minimizing complications and maintenance requirements.
Below are detailed descriptions of each of our stations and how they meet our customers' requirements effectively.

Available in a variety of standard configurations, Automacad Concrete will also customize our products to fit your specific Wet Cast projects.

Wet Cast stacker/destacker Our stacker/destacker machines are designed to maximize safety while handling your boards with delicate precision.

Our machines are configured to handle your green molds while keeping your product level.

Our ultra-robust frame is made up of a tension mechanism controlled by an electric motor and equipped with a mechanical brake, positioning encoder and overfill detector.
Concrete conveyors Our rugged conveyors are equipped with variable-speed electronic motors to eliminate sudden accelerations or decelerations that might cause variations in cement level.

We look after every detail to ensure that your green or finished products move along quickly and smoothly.