Demolding Stations


There are no limits! Our machines are designed to operate with an unlimited number of mold designs regardless of cavity depth, width, length or shape in each mold. Adjustments are made automatically without requiring any shutdown time for configuration. Ideal for producing thin sets and all other types of masonry products.

Only the mold width must remain constant.
Available in a variety of standard configurations, Automacad Concrete will also customize our products to fit your specific Wet Cast projects.

Mold Turnover Station
Wet Cast turnover Simple, compact and durable, our turnover unit is self-adjustable to any mold thickness and holds even the tiniest pieces securely, making it the most efficient machine of its kind in the industry.
Demolding station
Concrete conveyors With its automated set-up and maintenance-free design, this patented-pending system handles any demolding operation with ease.

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