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Concrete Big Blocks

Automacad Concrete at work
Automacad Concrete is a Canadian-based manufacturer of concrete product machinery. Creative, efficient and cost-effective, our machines are the most innovative and versatile in the market.

Our distinctive approach makes our offer unique compared to that of our competitors. We focus on our multidisciplinary expertise to provide the industry access to a full range of innovation solutions intended to serve as new market-standards.

Automacad Concrete offers more than simply designing automated concrete machines, we offer innovative concrete solutions. This means that our customers benefit from state-of-the-art solutions which will improve the efficiency and overall output of their production line.

Our achievements are aimed toward innovation.

Our objective is to improve your production rate in order to achieve and maintain the competitive edge needed to strengthen your position in a constantly evolving market.

Whether you want to:
  • - Produce a new type of blocks
  • - Accelerate your production
  • - Automate a specific production step
  • - Improve the quality of your finished products
Let our industrialization team design and manufacture a solution customized to your needs. We will exceed your expectations - we guarantee it!
Our Promise
  • An innovative vision of our customers' requests through definition of new processes that exceed all industry standards
  • Development of explicit plans by our team of experts in industrial design
  • Maximize our operational effectiveness to complete customers' projects within agreed time frames
  • Set-up of your equipment in your presence at your site and taking all safety considerations into account
  • Verification of proper equipment operation and due completion of all work originally ordered by the customer
  • Full after-sale service to support optimal equipment use.
Our Vision

The quality policy of Automacad Concrete is defined to ensure that our products and services meet all requirements of our customers.

Our objectives:
  • Meet our customers' requirements and seek to exceed their expectations
  • Carry out their projects with care while keeping in mind our commitment to outstanding quality
  • Pass on to our customers the benefits of technological advances in our offerings
  • Use our creativity to bring innovative concepts to life
  • Achieve continuous improvement
  • Position Automacad Concrete for long-term success.
We place our customers at the forefront in defining our quality standards. This is because our customers' satisfaction is always one of our key priorities. In this regard, we guarantee clear order terms, innovative designs that meet customers' requirements, efficient production practices and comprehensive technical support before, during and after the manufacture process.